Logistics Package to Oil & Gas

1.       Supply base management

Services include quayside operations, transport management and port management amongst other complementary services that include, but are not limited to, manifesting, critical spares handling and materials management, waste management, bulk management and materials tracking and technology services. 

2.       HSE and Waste Management

Service include supervising contractors, suppliers comply Company HSE polices; waste management and DG

3.       Material & Inventory Management

Include physical and system; min-max stock manage and movement; warehouse layout and location; picking and packing; labelling and manifesting.  

4.       Helicopter operation and Crew change

Include arrangement booking list; fight manifesting and check in at counter; plan for medevac and emergency, ad hoc.

5.       Procurement and supplies

Include procurement service in sourcing supplies in local and importation following company COC and procurement procedures.

6.       Qualified Manpower 



Logistics Package includes the Supply Base Management, HSE and Waste Management, Material and Inventory Management, Helicopter operation and qualified personnel

PSL is top provider in Vietnam in Customs clearance for imports/exports of facilities, equipment, spare parts, materials and related documents especially for oil & gas activities.

PSL is also leading in immigration service for oil and gas companies’ personnel as well as their contractors’ personnel

 PSL is licensed Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) in Vietnam. We offer MT service with international standard which can be applied for all means of transport.

PSL is specific qualified provider in Vietnam for project logistics in Energy, Oil and Gas, with the full scope of Lead Logistics Provider.

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