Q What is WMS?

WMS is our Warehouse Management System; it allows users to build customized reports able to catalogue and track their cargo and inventory as it moves through the logistics center. This powerful and user-friendly tool makes it easy for our customers to oversee the deconsolidation or consolidation of their freight without having to step foot into the warehouse.

Q What is ISF (10+2)?

The US Department of Homeland Security expects all maritime cargo headed to the United States have on file an ISF (10+2) no later than 24 hours before the cargo is laden aboard a vessel destined for the US. The ISF (10+2) requires carriers submit a vessel stow plan and container status message daily for cargo meeting DHS specifications for this requirement. Our clients can log into our ISF system and rest assured that this important paperwork is file and sent to the relevant agencies.

Q How does 11D work?

11D gives customers access to shipment information directly and prompt answers to their data queries about the location of specific shipments. The user can simply query a master bill of lading, house bill of lading or container number and immediately have access to their shipment’s real-time status packaged in a downloadable report. You can get your 11D report by clicking on the “11D” link on the upper left side of topocean.com.